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For 2008 Calendar Year

The men and women of the Bradley Police Department are proud to announce that they have ranked amongst the best in the state and nation in our traffic safety efforts.  The Bradley Police placed 3rd in the Illinois Traffic Safety Challenge and placed 2nd in the National Law Enforcement Challenge for police departments in our category.  The Challenges are a means for police departments to document their traffic safety efforts and compare themselves to similar type and size departments across the state and nation.   


The Bradley Police Special Operations Vehicle serves several functions throughout the Village of Bradley.  Besides serving as an Evidence & Crime Scene Vehicle and Temporary Command Center.  The B.P.D. S.O.V. also serves as a Breathe Alcohol Testing (B.A.T.) station for D.U.I. Enforcement Details and Traffic Safety Events.



The Traffic Safety Unit was formally activated in January, 2002 and continues to be a vital component of the Operations Division. 



Sergeant P. Trudeau served as Traffic Officer for 6 years before becoming a Patrol Sergeant.  He still performs traffic safety functions pertaining to presentations and community events.  Sgt Trudeau is a certified CPS Technician and can handle all your child restraint needs.

Bradley Police Telephone: 815-933-3315

E-Mail: pjtrudeau@thevillageofbradley.com



Bradley Police Traffic Officers have received specialized Training to better deal with the

growing concern for traffic safety and vehicular movement within the Village of  Bradley. 


Anonymously Report Habitual Drunk Drivers: www.drunkbuster.com Find Bradley Link under Sponsors

Anonymously Report     Drunk Drivers


The Illinois Department of Transportation recognizes citizens who escaped serious injuries in crashes from wearing their safety belts as “Saved by the Belt” members.  IDOT presented them with medals and certificates.  IDOT has also recognized 5 Police Officers for their DUI Enforcement efforts. 


Perhaps you've seen one of our billboards the last couple of years:

(Left) Officer Trudeau leads away a DUI arrest.                (Right) Officer Gray stands next to his wrecked squad car .




The Department successfully participates in the “You Drink & Drive, You Lose” and “Click It or Ticket” campaigns annually.  The Department has been award traffic grants every year since 1998.



SPEEDERS BEWARE!!! -  Directional RADAR Trailer and Hand Held Units are in USE



Approximately 7 out of 10 kids in child safety seats ARE NOT properly buckled in.

Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause death of children, ages 3-14.      Why? In many cases, children are not properly buckled into their child safety seats.  Additionally, some parents don't realize that a booster seat is vital to ensuring children fit safely in their vehicle's seat belt.

Don't Take a Chance.  Have Your Child's Safety Seat Inspected.

Bradley Police Child Passenger Seat Technician(s):
Sergeant P. Trudeau pjtrudeau@thevillageofbradley.com

Officer Anthony Felesena adfelesena@thevillageofbradley.com

Call for CPS Check Appointment
Bradley PD Non-Emergency Line (815) 933-3315
Direct Office Line (Voicemail)(815) 936-5124

Also feel free to contact CPS Technicians at:

Bourbonnais Police Department (815) 937-3579
Kankakee County Sheriff’s Department (815) 933-3324
Illinois State Police, Dist 21 Ashkum (815) 698-2395 ex. 324